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Rett Syndrome Reversed in Mice
Rett syndrome, a severe autism spectrum disorder that affects 1 in 10,000 girls, has been successfully reversed in mice.

Black Women Have Higher Rates of Premature Birth
Black women are more likely to give birth to premature babies than white women.

Children Who Sleep More Weigh Less
Children who get more sleep are less likely to be overweight than kids who skimp on shuteye.

Fertility Treatments Increase Risk of Birth Defects
Babies conceived with the help of fertility treatments such as IVF have an elevated risk of birth defects.

1 in 150 Children in United States Has Autism
New research reveals the shocking statistic that 1 in 150 children in the United States has autism or a related disorder.

Child Suicide Rates Rising
Child suicide rates are rising and government experts say it may be because antidepressant use in kids on the decline.

Nine Children Die of Flu in Alabama
Health officials are concerned after reports that nine children have died of flu in Alabama.

Children Living Near Freeways Risk Poor Lung Development
A new report says that children who grow up near highways risk reaching adulthood with underdeveloped lungs.

Cold Medicine a Risk for Kids Under Two
1,519 children under the age of two were taken to emergency rooms in 2004-2005 because of side effects from cold and cough medications, and three children under 6 months died. Dr. Michael Marcus, director of pediatric pulmonology, allergy and immunology...

Breastfeeding and Baby's Intelligence
Some previous studies have suggested that breastfed babies grow up to be smarter than their non-breastfed peers. A new study says there is no evidence that this is true.

Mother's Voice Wakes Kids Faster Than Smoke Alarms
A study has found that children are awakened easier by their mother's voice than by traditional smoke alarms.

Head Lice Treatment - Natural vs. Chemical
Treatment options for head lice are discussed, including natural treatments such as mayonnaise and olive oil.

Abraham Cherrix Wins Chemotherapy Reprieve
Abraham Cherrix, the 16-year-old boy who has been fighting for his right to forgo chemotherapy in his battle against Hodgkin's disease, has been granted to right to undergo an alternative treatment (Hoxsey therapy).

Separated Twins Breathing on Their Own
Formerly conjoined twins Kendra and Maliyah Herrin are breathing on their own after undergoing 26 hours of surgery only a few days ago.

Autism in Girls Caused by Different Genes
Researchers at the University of Washington say the genes that causes autism in girls may be different than those that cause the disorder in boys.

Childhood Diabetes Linked to Heart Disease
Children with diabetes are at increased risk for premature heart disease. Researchers examined 2,096 children and teens with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Abraham Cherrix Wins Chemotherapy Reprieve
Starchild Abraham Cherrix, the 16-year-old Virginia teen who is fighting the courts for the right to use an alternative therapy to treat Hodgkin's disease rather than the chemotherapy his doctors recommend, has been granted a stay by a judge.

Asthma in Children Linked to Indoor Swimming Pools
A study of 190,000 European teens suggests there may be a link between indoor swimming pools and asthma in children.

Depression Linked to Risky Teen Behavior
A new study published in the July issue of Pediatrics shows that depression can lead teens to engage in risky sexual behavior, putting them at risk for AIDS and other STDs as well as unwanted pregnancies.

Late Talking Children - Parents Not to Blame
An Australian study of 1,766 children found that parents are not to blame for late talkers. Of the children studied, 13 percent of 2 year-olds began talking late.


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